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Brand Profile

Life is Like a Dream and Emptiness and Quiet were created in 2012. Both of them showing the unique beauty of China. 

Life is Like a Dream: Its main product is haute couture, such as wedding dresses and tuxedos. It mixes the traditional craft with the fashionable ones in the production process. 

Emptiness and Quiet: Focuses on clothing design and customization. Every detail shows the beauty of China. This time, the designer combines the classical Chinese hand-embroidery with the fashionable styles. They will show us a wonderful visual feast.

Designer Profile

Zhengxin Liu is a fashionable independent designer from China. He is an expert in combining the classical designs with the fashionable designs and showing the special beauty of China. He likes the traditional culture of China, such as Taoism. Bold colour, fancy tailoring and exquisite detail are combined together, to show the comeliness of China. Zhengxin Liu has been invited to join the CCDC for three consecutive years. His design works reflect his fascination and passion for traditional Chinese culture and his determination to promote Chinese culture all over the world.

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