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Designer Profile – Inci

Inci has combined her fashion and design journey which started in 1992 with textile in 1998.

She used metal accessories and semi-precious stones in leather and textile products which helped her obtain different products by combining all the materials. In 2000, she decided to focus on jewelry, handbags and design textile products and concentrated on infrastructure work. Her continuous search for new materials introduced her to brass and bronze. She has attended various fashion shows all over Europe and had received awards for her work including The Jewelry Designer of the Year in Turkey in 2011. Inci likes working with semi-precious stones, natural stones, leather, silk and different metal products such as brass and bronze, usually plated with gold and silver.

Designer Profile – Sinem

Sinem started her design journey back in 2005 and she ran her own shop between 2006 and 2010 in Turkey. As she has spent most of her life in Turkey, which is a unique country blended with oriental and occidental cultures, she has reflected a combination of her cultural roots compiled through the years as the cradle of many civilizations in her work.

Sinem moved to North Vancouver, Canada in 2010, and likes sharing her work and experience in her new home. She has her own workshop in North Vancouver. In her designs, each and every piece contains an element of nature at its purest form and reflects a personal environment that puts her mind at peace. Her pieces will take you to places past and present, that reflect the stark beauty of life and its simplicity. It is simply an exploration of the spiritual connection to the natural world around us. Since she has moved to beautiful British Columbia, nature has been a great inspiration for her.

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