VKFW F/W17 Spotlight Sponsor: Mama Juice Co

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Cold-pressed juicing is a fad that has blown up in Vancouver over the past few years, but how can you choose what juice to buy when there are so many options, and so many companies?  Luckily for us Vancouverite’s, most of the juice companies are local, but we’ve partnered with one in particular: Mama Juice Co.  We met up with Mama Juice Co’s founder Hoda Negin  and nutritionist Shannon Smith during Vancouver Kids Fashion Week to talk juice.  They founded their company around the premise that mama’s try their best to do it all, and sometimes fall short on getting the nutrients THEY need at the end of the day.  Mama Juice Co was created as a service that caters to these working mama’s, to provide them with the nutrients they need in convenient, delicious juices that can be delivered right to their door.  

*Photo’s via @thefamjewels

Our goal is to develop a blend of Cold-Pressed juices combining the very best in organically sourced ingredients to assist you, me, and the rest of us. We could all use a boost in natural energy, health, and overall wellness.  We strive to create a product that is focused on the well-being of women and all the wonderful things that come with the territory of being us! – About Us, Mama Juice Co. website









*Photo’s via @thefamjewels

Why should you choose cold-pressed juice? Mostly because the benefits are endless.  Being able to absorb all of your nutrients in a convenient juice form is amazing for people on the go.  You get all of your nutrients, and you skip the added sugars and chemicals that come with regular juices you buy at the grocery store.  You never have to worry about getting your daily nutrients with cold-pressed juices, because they are packed to the brim with pounds of fruits, vegetables, and leafy goodness.  They not only guarantee a boost in your immune system, but provide a gentle cleanse, and a boost in energy.

Mama Juice isn’t just for mama’s – they’re perfect for anyone who can use a nutritious and delicious pick me up! 

Written by: Lexy Dien

adminVKFW F/W17 Spotlight Sponsor: Mama Juice Co