Tieler James

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Fashion is his life, period. Tieler discovered his passion for clothing at the age of 5 and began working with a sewing machine and designing his own clothes at age 7.  In 2014, at just 14 years old, he was selected to compete on Lifetime’s Project Runway: Threads. Tieler won and has gone on to be the featured designer in many local and regional fashion shows.

Now 15 years old, Tieler is often commissioned to design garments and is scheduled to be in boutiques in late October 2015.  Frequently, Tieler is asked to be a guest speaker at designs schools and summer intensives. 
In addition to being a fashion designer and public figure, Tieler is also a full time student at the New Orleans Center of Creative Arts where he studies a standard academic curriculum along with theater design. Tieler maintains a high grade point average while designing costumes for the theatre after school, working on his own collections and making media appearances.   


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