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Michaela made her way to Los Angeles from Guam, through Hawaii…Living on an island almost all her life, this Guam born designer was not that far behind the fashion curb. It was apparent early on, that fashion design would be a part of her future. Michaela’s talent to coordinate, construct, reinvent and conceptualize palettes of worn and unworn garments was way beyond her time and deceitfully inexpensive.

The summer before entering high school Michaela’s parents relocated the family to Hawaii. They were seeking better opportunities and to learn a little more about their Hawaiian heritage. In the Fall of 2008, she was steps closer to her dreams of some day becoming a fashion designer, as she said “Aloha” to Hawaii and transitioned to college in Los Angeles. Michaela attended BIOLA University for two years, and then transferred to Woodbury University where she received her B.F.A in Fashion Design and Minor in Business Management.

Woodbury hosts an annual fashion show, which is where Michaela showcased her senior collection. Her designs were inspired by one of many Guam legends. The legend was about a young girl named Sirena who loved the water and loved to swim. One day her mother tasked her with a chore and instead of Sirena doing as told, she disobeyed her mother and went for a swim. Her mom grew really angry and cursed Sirena by saying, “ If sirena loves the water so much she should become a fish.” Sirena was then transformed into a mermaid…

Michaela wanted to emulate a collection that was close to home. Her inspiration came from the Legend of Sirena initially because she envisions mermaids as being beautiful, fluid and soft colored beings.

She has expanded her vision of this collection by being drawn to the comfort and functionality of active wear. Michaela has chosen to add for more looks to her collection. With the two elements, she will be integrating them by designing garments that are sophisticated and alluring, yet comfortable and functional.


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