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SHRAVAN KUMAR’S CONTRIBUTION FOR WEAVES & WEAVERS – Shravan Kumar has carved a niche for himself as the city’s highly acclaimed fashion designer. During his journey for more than 18 years, he had created magic with fabrics, which were admired by people all across India. This research oriented designer looks up to fashion as a religion, rather than a mere passion and had set more trends than followed. His collections focusing on AP handlooms were showcased across Chennai, Coimbatore, Ludhiana, Kochi and Vizag Fashion Weeks, Miss Hyderabad 2012 and Prann 2012.

Despite the fact that weavers were the second largest community after farmers and one of the biggest providers of employment, weavers in India have been facing several problems since time immemorial. Millions of weavers are working out of their homes in the absence of electricity and poor infrastructure. One of the major problems is the negligible amount of credit available to them. Defective policy, neglect and competition from multinationals have taken a toll on the communities of traditional weavers in the country. Taking note of these tragic issues, Shravan Ramaswamy, as a well-acclaimed fashion designer of Hyderabad, plays his honest part by paying a tribute to weavers of the nation through AN ODE TO WEAVES & WEAVERS – an annual fashion show of his own, in which he showcases more than 100 different and rare weaves from the remotest of locations in India every year.

An Ode to weaves & weavers: Origin & Impact:-

Despite their richness and variety, Handlooms are losing out to new age fabrics like chiffons, georgettes and crepes.

Sales of handlooms also not translating in to improvement in weavers life style.

Incomes of weavers on a constant decline till 2012, most weavers surviving and supporting their families on a meager Rs 30/- a

An ode to weaves & weavers instituted by Shravan Kumar in 2012 to counter this down-trend

Income of the weaves, benefited by the program, expanded from Rs.80 Lakhs in the year 2011 to Rs 3 crores in 2012 – almost four-fold increase.

In 2013 Shravan Kumar supported Sri Padmajyothi khadi village Development association in peddanna, Krishna Dist. With over 1000 weavers.

Weaver families have been provided with sliver, charkas and have been provided working capital to undertake new orders.


Aalayam welcomes women, to a world of weaves never seen or heard of before, in town. Built with traditional décor and furniture inside-out, the store is a joint venture of Hyderabad’s very own fashion virtuoso Shravan Kumar. Phulia, Parsi, SrikakulamKhadi, Salem, Jamdhani, Paithani, Kerala, Kanchi, Gadwal, Pochampally, Dharmavaram, Mangalagiri, Venkatagiri, Uppada, village cotton from Coimbatore and Madurai and several other finest and exceptional weaves are an integral part of Aalayam.

Aalayam makes an effort and succeeds in restoring various weaves of the country, which are rapidly losing their significance, within the field of Indian tradition. Much of the store’s profit will reach Weavers Association of Aalayam Society. The best thing about Aalayam is that it promises to deliver its clients, saris of unmatched quality and are only of its kind in the entirety of

Hyderabad, which proudly offer what they specialize in – more than 100 different and rarest of weaves in saris.”

Aalayam Society:

The Society of Aalayam is non-government organization, owned by Hyderabad’s fashion designer Shravan Ramaswamy. The society is constantly dedicated to better the lives of weavers in India. Every product of sari available at Aalayam is organic and handmade by weavers of remotest regions across the nation. Much of the profit obtained by selling saris will be sent over for weavers’ welfare.

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