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Brand Profile

Born from a passion for fashion and experimentation, serien°umerica is a brand that has made research its strong point. The two designers, Maria De Ambrogio and Stella Tosco, work closely with Italian artisans “forcing” the traditional processes and changing the rules of the classic to try to enhance and shape the raw materials of consistently high quality.

Since 2009 in particular, serien°umerica has been focusing solely on knitwear and leather accessories: the minimalist shapes and lines are enriched with particular processes and sophisticated details to reinterpret the product culture typical of ‘Made in Italy’.

The garments, designed on essential forms, are transformed according to the perspectives and play on asymmetries and unexpected overlaps, valuing the craftsmanship that is at its base. The finishing touches are never left to chance and create minimal decorations that have always characterized the stylistic feature of the brand.

The bags, a large part of the collection, are drawn on the body to become ultra large pockets, versatile in their use and in the way they are worn.

The rubberizing, the dyed materials and the deconstruction of modelling give life to collections that are apparently minimal for formal cleanness, but complex in details and in the manufacturing of the garment. A skilled job where from the idea and the choice of materials, in a successful dialogue between conventional methods and new technologies applied to fashion, there is a continuous exchange between the designer and the craftsman.

In 2014 serien°umerica also inaugurated the project “Multipli”: a series of events and exhibitions in collaboration with artists, designers, photographers and personalities from other sectors, with the objective of contaminating minimalism with prints, colours, images or signs. In 2014, the brand presented the capsule collection “Constellations” created with the artist Daniele Galliano, while in 2015 it was the turn of “Cracks” in collaboration with the photographer Ivan Cazzola.

Serien°umerica also pursues an accurate job on the visual communication, crafting for each collection photos and videos and collaboration with other artists and video makers including Giulia Caira, Nicolò Dragoni and Ivan Cazzola.

Twice a year serien°umerica introduces the new collections during fashion week in Paris in a private gallery in the Marais district. Since 2014, the brand is also host of the multi-brand showroom VDS during the fashion week in Shanghai, where it paraded in October of 2014.

Serien°umerica is distributed worldwide at selected networks of shops in Europe, America, China and Japan.


Characterized by minimalist contours and essential shapes, the s°n brand has born beside serien°umerica, as a bridge line of the innovative italian brand, result of the expressive creativity of the stylists Maria de Ambrogio and Stella Tosco.

The idea of s°n is to combine the main brand with a new clothing line with a simpler wearability, keeping the original spirit made of a perfect mix between research and tradition, besides of a thorough attention to detail and a careful selection of materials.

The neat and essential style of s°n defines the knitwear line, and consequently the entire collection, inflected in different variations of materials and production techniques – from cotton to wool, from jersey to popeline – and in different kinds of clothes, designed for brilliant and resolute women.

Serienumerica curated

For some years now, alongside the collections, the project “Serienumerica curated” was created with the purpose of exploring the world of manual ability in its various forms. On the one hand, proposing a different curatorial paradigm that, through exhibitions and installations, makes the brand itself dialogue with artists, designers and craftsmen through inserts and mixtures.

Instead on the other side through a consulting work that offers other brands its know-how in the fashion industry acquired through years of experience, both on a technical and creative level. Depending on the customer requirements, the counselling can be developed on different levels: from the creation from scratch of a whole collection, to the construction of patterns, technical drawings and “sketches” to the choice of materials and fabrics, the development of accessories, as well as assistance in the development of prototypes and production.

Designer Profile

Maria De Ambrogio

Maria De Ambrogio (1977), self-taught designer, began her career in 2001 with the opening of a space dedicated to fashion and creating the brand serien°umerica.

Up to 2006, the brand was sold within their space and distributed in shops in Europe and Japan.

From 2006 to 2009 Maria becomes the didactic coordinator of fashion and textile design at the IED of Turin.

Since 2009 she has created two smaller brands MaDe and s°n continuing in parallel the activity of teaching.

In that year also she begins to create, together with her former student Stella Tosco, new collections and also starts to distribute serien°umerica which will become a brand of specialized research in knitwear and in leather accessories, currently present in a selection of shops in Europe, United States and Japan.

Stella Tosco

Born in 1988, Stella was born and graduated in Vienna. In 2006 she moved to Italy and attended the course in Fashion at the European Institute of Design in Turin. Having completed the course of studies she began her collaboration with serien°umerica for which she draws and designs clothes and collections along with Maria De Ambrogio.

Meanwhile, she continues her studies at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.


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