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Sarah Culberston found her love for beauty early on; when she was a child, she would dress up in an attempt to feel beautiful no matter what she did.  As she got older, she studied the arts as a way to better understand what a wider definition of beauty is.

Beauty comes in many forms, but one way to express it is through fashion design. Exploring beauty as an idea is an inspiration for most of her designs, whether it is by looking at how the idea of beauty has changed throughout history or by seeing it in the shape of art and nature.

She is also very drawn to colour and how it can inspire a certain feeling from a viewer. Emotion is a huge part in Sarah’s designs as it is something that people experience everyday, and fashion depends on how a person feels when wearing a garment. Fashion design is a form of expression for her – a way for her to communicate and inspire others to see the beauty she sees in the world.


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