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Sandra Bareno is a designer and entrepreneur, born in Colombia and raised in a traditional Colombian home. She studied Industrial Design at the University of Los Andes, a private university located in the city centre of Bogotá, Colombia. Her love for fashion and design began in High School and the local leather factories influenced her standard of high quality products. As an adult, she chose jobs and projects that required a high level of creativity and would always seek to develop her skills as a designer. At the age of 22 Sandra began to travel the world and chose Europe as her new home. Her love for handbags, passion for accessory design, and ambition to realize her dreams, Sandra created the brand that bears her name. Sandra Bareno – Luxury Handbags.

The Company
Sandra Bareno – Luxury Handbags Company is an international business with South American roots. We are the creators of handbags and accessories for the sophisticated woman who has discerning taste and appreciates exquisite craftsmanship.
Our practical and stylish products have been meticulously designed to cater for the modern woman, whether she is looking for an accessory for the workplace, to travel with, or simply as a beautiful fashion addition.
We understand both the importance and needs of busy professional women today who require elegance, but also a product which is designed for modern demands. A design that will keep on looking good wherever they are and in any situation.
Each handbag is made from the finest, hand-picked Colombian leather. Every inch is handcrafted by traditional artisans who take pride in the impeccability of their work. Sandra Bareno – Luxury Handbags Company is passionate about offering the world, the beauty of Colombia through each product, and we deliver perfection every time.
…We are so proud of our bags and confident that you too will want to share in their beauty and make them a part of your life.

My inspiration it comes from everywhere. I find it in nature and its colors, the smells of leatherand wood. Sometimes it could be a picture in a magazine or a leaves on the street. I have found beauty in its simplest forms, in the sounds of a “Colombian Cumbia” and the music that carries the ”London drizzle”. The moment images come to my mind ,I draw, suddenly I have ideas for a handbag.
“A Handbag, besides being beautiful, must be practical. With a minimum of essential elements for the beauty to be appreciated.”

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