Rosey Couture

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This artist continually produces from a creative duality.

The work from the photographic element is journalistic in style; she respects the fluidity of a mood, borrowing a moment to keep, while maintaining the integrity of a scene. The tone of each frame is that of a quiet observer.

The pieces from the design element, under the Rosey Couture label, lead this artist to exhibitions of her creative work at Vancouver Fashion Week, to the red carpet at The Juno Awards, and to a 3 year advertising contract for the Port Theatre’s Spotlight Series.

The creative power of this artist thrives in an environment where each face of the duality plays a supportive role to the other. She currently uses both of these elements to create works for her private and corporate client base.

Cakes also supports developmental delayed individuals in finding work in the market place while applying to the Intercultural Studies Master’s Program at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.  She lives, creates and learns on Vancouver Island.


  • VFW-5
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