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Paloma Sanchez is a GIA Gemologist and Jewelry Designer who looks for quality specimens and exquisite stones all over the world. She never expects to find the same stone twice. And she never will create the same piece. Each is as one of a kind as was its journey into a unique stone.

Paloma has a profound love and respect for her father, and that is why her personal journey began with law school. Paloma had passed both Spanish and French university entry exams in  Madrid, Spain. Paloma earned a law degree to meet her father’s expectations. Only then did her father permit Paloma to resume her journey toward creating jewelry from precious stones.

Being based in Beijing since 2006, Paloma Sanchez is devoted full-time to searching for the loveliest stones from around the world, and then honoring their uniqueness with exquisite design.

Paloma’s travels for unique stones have taken her to the mines of Montana, Arizona, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Morocco, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Dominican Republic and Madagascar. Sometimes their natural rough form is breathtaking enough to showcase with little interpretation, while others can be polished to reveal their fierce inner lights. It is this inner brilliance that Paloma loves to capture in her jewelry.

In 2013, Paloma Sanchez was recognized as one of the thirty best jewelry designers in the world and featured in the “Unique Book, The Best Jewelry Designers” launched at the World Watch and Jewelry Show, Baseworld.

Louis Vuitton unveils a new collection of city guides, and places the Paloma Sanchez Gallery in Beijing on the path of voyagers. They featured Paloma in the Louis Vuitton City Guide Beijing, which was launched in October 2013.

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