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The lyrical look at the trivial, increased by the goal to navigate in unknown waters seeking for new experiences, is what guides the aesthetic construction envisioned by its creators.

Deisi Witz and Igor Bastos were quick to recognize themselves as equals in terms of talent. However, with distinct complementary skills, starting from an odd complicity and an aesthetic sense in common, seeking in fashion was like a utopia to them.

Originally from the Swedish language, Också translates as being driven to contribute. Leaving old customs aside to deliver smart and forward-looking garments, Också creates a parallel that separates from monotony.

On its early days, Också received the 19º Rio Moda Hype Award showcasing on one of the major fashion weeks in Brazil, Fashion Rio in November 2013. After designing a garment for one of the most powerful celebrities in their country, the label got notoriety and participated in two other important fashion weeks there.

Aiming internationally, the founders took the opportunity to present their label at Berlin Fashion Week in July 2014. Their third collection will be on the runway of Vancouver Fashion Week in September 2014. On top of that, Också was nominated for the Vogue Talents Young Vision Awards 2014.

Spectrum – Också S/S 15


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