noctex vancouver fashion week


After working in vintage and used garment industry at the age of 17, Negin was exposed to the immediate waste of fast-fashion. In 2011, during her first year of University for a Bachelors in Fashion Design and Technology in Kwantlen University, she furthered her education on the extreme effects the fashion industry has on a global level. From material resources to human rights, fashion can go to great extents to cover its tracks. NOCTEX was created in 2011 as an independent initiative to produce garments with transparent practices and to create without the imposition of the fast-paced modern fashion industry. Individual accessories and garments were produced by her own hands, or with the help of home sewers. Linking humane values to business practices became the foundation of the business. We strive to encourage consumers to educate themselves on the differences between of independent design versus the fast-fashion garment industries.
NOCTEX released its first seasonal collection in Fall 2013, revolving around the idea that only 3 garments can be worn together or apart in 15 different ways. Alongside her individual work, Negin often collaborates with other independent artists and designers to create limited pieces for the brand. NOCTEX now produces in a small factory in Vancouver, in addition to studio-made products.

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