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Handmade costume Jewelry brand from Sappro JAPAN

Motoi’s career as an artist began in 2000 after being inspired by a French wire necklace. Since then, she has created original, one of a kind costume jewelry which is versatile and unique. She established her costume jewelry brand in 2008 and created her brand under the name MotoideRico in 2011. Her designs are available at select shops in Sapporo, Japan. She frequently travels and exhibits her designs a few times each year. She participated in the Manicolle Tokyo Gift show in 2010. She studied fashion styling at New York LIM college . She participated in the Market NYC and Artists and Fleas in 2012. She participated in JFW INTERNATIONAL FASHION FAIR and MILANO PRET A PORTER in 2014.

Her inspiration comes from music, dance and the art of kimono. She has played the flute since she was seven years old. She thinks creating art is like playing music. Her color combination is like the harmony of music; her use of shape, like rhythm. Her approach to design is like that of kimono aesthetics. She believes that jewelry is the spice of fashion: balance is essential.


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