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Brand Profile

MIA AMICA is a Jakarta based ready-to-wear fashion brand blending the Indonesian traditional and modern fabrics into the elegant and fashionable women’s attire. MIA AMICA is founded by its creative director and head designer, Priscilla Listia.
MIA AMICA collections are continuously gaining popularity by their up-to-date touch over the Indonesian traditional fabrics, known as ‘batik’ (hand-drawn or hand-stamped or combination of both) and tenun’ (hand-woven), with contemporary design and the application of charming embellishments, embroideries, sequins, laser-cutting, and digital-printing.

The products of MIA AMICA are all manufactured locally in Indonesia utilizing pre-selected resources, while the looks suit for all season daily wear.
Comfort and proud of wearing the products of MIA AMICA will always be a rewarding achievement from our customers. MIA AMICA contrives the meticulous best fashion for women in Indonesia and worldwide.

Designer Profile

Priscilla Listia graduated as an engineer and had been working for a decade in various multi-national corporations prior to concentrating her get-up-and-go as a fashion designer. In 2013, she enrolled at Bunka Academy – School of Fashion and continued her study at Abineri Ang Atelier et Createur de Mode.

In November 2014, a Jakarta based ready-to-wear women fashion brand, MIA AMICA  for the first time is introduced publicly at the Genie Women Festival 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia. Priscilla is selected as one of the young Indonesian designers by the board of Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, representing Bunka Academy –School of Fashion, to present her designs for Indonesia Trend Forecasting 2016 – 2017 on February 2015.  Priscilla was also invited to showcase MIA AMICA Spring/Summer 2015 collection at the runway of the 8th Surabaya Fashion Parade on April 2015. 

She is also admitted as an established designer of Abineri Ang Atelier et Createur de Mode to showcase her delighted collection under the premium ready-to-wear brand named after her own name, PRISZL at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 by this end ofOctober 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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