Marta Zampolini

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The passion for fashion accompanies Marta since her tender age. When she was a child, Marta loved to steal with the eyes the tricks of her grandmother’s trade. To Marta the magic given off from these fabrics represented such a strong attraction that it could not remain only a childhood dream.
When the high school ends she decides to join the courses of the IED in Rome, to give vent to her creativity. During her university educational path Marta attends the fashion designer courses, so she has the chance to fully live the world of fashion. She takes part in many fashion shows, organized from the IED. Moreover she tailored a dress for her graduation thesis, which has been chosen from IKE’ UDE’ and eventually worn by Isabella Ferrari.
After a long partnership with the brand Fabiana Filippi, Marta decides to move to the German capital, to let her biggest dream come true: creating her own fashion brand.
The inspiration strikes her during an air travel from Berlin to Rome. Here Marta has an idea, the idea of transformation. Her dresses will be convertible ones, they can adapt both to the body that wears them and to the situation in which they are worn. They will be disassembled with zips.
Creativity and comfort will be the key words of this project. In Berlin Marta met the woman who will give birth to her sketches, the seamstress Suzan Basbay, who holds professional sewing classes in the German capital. Thanks to Suzan, Marta gets acquainted with Andrea, a Berliner business manager, who has ever harbored in his heart the passion for fashion.

The partnership with these two women gives Marta the inspiration for the concept of her brand.
Marta doesn’t forget his origins and even if life has brought her to Berlin, she is able to create an axis between the cities, of which her staff and all the young talents who study or work in their own competence settings are the main testimonials.

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