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Brand Profile

Colombia, a country full of charm, beauty and diversity is the perfect back drop for the evolution of a brand with both magic surrealism and electic romanticism.

Strongly influenced by their family’s entrepreneurship and commitment to contribute to the social development of their country, sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra began pursuing their dream of creating a brand that would enchant us all with its unique inventiveness.

Each Maaji print is developed in house by their creative team and speaks to the theme of every collection.

The construction of a Maaji suit is labor intensive. Each style comes together like a puzzle. The unexpected blending of imaginative prints are worked together to create individual pieces of art.

Each style is fit on 4 different occasions to ensure the proper look and feel before going out to production.

Maaji uses a flattering and fascinating technique that gives just the right amount of support without leaving marks or indentations on the skin. The seams and stitching mysteriously disappear through the creative inventiveness of expert manufacturers.

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