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I am from northeast of China, which is Harbin. It is an ice city. My collection is mainly about the mixture of Chinese and American culture. I have over fifteen years of extensive hand drawing and illustration extensive training with a famous Chinese artist. So when I build up my collection, I choose to print out my art work, which are water color and gouache; the photo of my city and my own photographs in my design with lots of modern elements. I used all colorful colors for this collection, it makes collection bright, fun, lovely, deluxe and gorgeous.

My collection covered all styles of outfits, include female and male; which are jumpsuit, bubble dress, wrap, dress coat, and motorcycle jacket. I did a lot of hand stitch to make all details to be three-dimensional. Such as man’s yarn jacket, woman’s bow wrap, and all characters and patterns. I like to do crazy fashion with sense of fun. I hope everyone can understand my culture background and my current life in the USA through my collection. In the future, I want to own my own studio and do custom designs for individual clients.

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