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Emerging in 2010, the New Zealand designed and made label, holds the time-honoured art of tailoring close at heart. With inspiration drawn from nature, culture and the realistic needs of people, Liann Bellis clothing is not only versatile and serviceable; it lures those who seek honesty and intelligence in their clothing. Embodying clean and sophisticated lines, the collections offer ease, contentment, confidence, and yet entice with a self-assured, and brazen edge. Those who know the difference covet liann bellis.


Designer Profile

The art of design is a fusion of many things for Leanne. Her inspiration comes from life itself and intrigued by the shape, colour, texture and movement provided. A passion to design and create has been apparent since childhood – Leanne completed her first collection, a three-piece trouser suit, at age 9.

While studying fashion in Wellington, Leanne was presented with the Benson & Hedges Young Designer Award, along with many other industry-related accolades. Leanne has worked her wardrobe and costuming magic for numerous TV One productions. She travelled extensively and on returning to New Zealand, the label ‘liann bellis’, a collection of children’s clothing was established. The artisan skill of tailoring has never been far from Leanne’s hands; evidenced by her bespoke clothing, which is esteemed by those who recognize excellence within the trade.

Today, Leanne brings a master’s eye to her design at ‘liann bellis’, creating women’s clothing that holds distinct, genuine and bold sentiment.



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