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Suman Faulkner (Lata) was born and raised in the Fiji Islands before immigrating to Canada at the age of 18. Her mother first introduced her to embroidery when she was eight years old, and she learned crochet from her aunts shortly after. At the time, the availability of manufactured fashion was limited in Fiji: most clothes were either homemade or produced by tailors.

From a very young age, Suman was passionate about making clothing. Her first creation was a sari blouse that she sewed for her mother when she was 12. Other garments were quick to follow, even though she had no idea how to draft a pattern and hadn’t learned proper sewing techniques.

Over the years, Suman kept creating garments whenever she could steal a moment: she sewed, crocheted, cross-stitched, and embroidered. Eventually, she also learned to knit with online tutorials and books. Her very first creation was a sweater that she knitted simply to prove to herself that she could. Today, she most enjoys knitting Victorian lace.

While Suman had always wanted to pursue a career in fashion design, the comfort of a well-paid job proved too difficult to leave. However, after twelve years of working in finance, she decided to take the plunge and follow her dreams.. She left her job, and the rest is history.

Living between two cultures,  Suman has always felt the need to create garments that could be worn on different occasions. Whenever she saw runway shows from India or Pakistan, she felt the urge to create fusion garments that could not be found in Canada. She knew she needed to learn the art of drafting to do this, and the skills she has gained have enabled her to create versatile garments that can be worn by women of all ages. These garments can be combined with clothing women already have in their wardrobes. They can be worn either in casual settings, or dressed up with accessories on more formal occasions.

The idea of “one size fits all” does not reflect Suman’s philosophy. She believes that garments should be designed with women’s individual needs in mind.

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