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Katelyn woodburn Vancouver fashion week

The term “equestrian style” stands for much more than just jodhpurs and crisp blazers. Lately, it has been used to describe any classic, elegant, well made garment, immune to the fickle change of trends.

Katelyn Woodburn, an equestrian herself, saw a need for clothing that was suited to both riders and “equestrian enthusiasts” alike, merging the two worlds in a way that simultaneously innovates and honours tradition. After attending Blanche MacDonald for fashion design and BCIT for entrepreneurship, she serendipitously met a most perfect business partner. Tina Kam had the exact same idea in her head. Four months later, in August 2015, they launched Street & Saddle.

Taking cues from the equestrian traditions of craftsmanship, Street & Saddle is a firm stand against fast fashion. Under the mantra “cherishable, not disposable,” a variety of garments and accessories were created, either made locally by talented craftspeople, or by Katelyn and Tina themselves. Instead of pressuring themselves to turn out multiple collections per year, they create each style one at a time, with thoughtfulness and intent.

Inspiration is drawn from the magnificent equines they love so much, and the huge impact they’ve had on our society. In an overstimulated digital era, it hearkens back to simpler times in a whimsical, nostalgic way. Vintage belt buckles, fine linens… Street & Saddle hasn’t figured out who their “woman” is yet, for it has attracted the finest assortment of ladies of all ages, walks of life an personal styles. Perhaps it should stay that way.

The current collection draws inspiration from the style of Teddy Girls and Jackie Kennedy; merging the extremes of androgyny and ladylike dressing.

Katelyn woodburn Vancouver fashion weekKatelyn woodburn Vancouver fashion week Katelyn woodburn Vancouver fashion week Katelyn woodburn Vancouver fashion week Katelyn woodburn Vancouver fashion week

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