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Born in Paris, France, Joffrey Mongin grew up with a passion for drawing and fabrics. Having started sewing from a young age, with his willpower, it’s only in 2010 that he chooses a concrete creative fashion project. Having always been influenced by women, supermodels, pin point cutting, complexity of details and fabrics; these take pride of place in his work. His creations are a way of communicating “each fabric, each color has a way of talking,sharing a true emotion through different senses”

Fascinated by the mysterious depth of black 
and architecture, he draws a structured appearance,
 combining strictness and fluidity, shadows and light, power as well as seduction. He draws with a single pencil line a magnetic woman, showing the strength of timeless elegance.

Prize-winner of the HEC Luxury Club Awards of his school fashion show in 2013, he was spotted by GIVENCHY and joined the Atelier for ready-to-wear collection. Having always wanted to lead his own creative project, it’s in february 2014 that he decided to launch his own brand.

Recently prize-winner of the 4th E-Fashion Awards Competition, he continues to create his ready-to-wear collections illustrating more than ever the timeless elegance of the female shape as an explosion of modernity.

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