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They open every day at 10:00 am, always looking forward to greeting their regular customers, showing them what’s new in store, and seeing their enthusiasm toward our ever evolving collections. Needless to say, it is also exciting, and a great pleasure meeting and getting to know new clients. Ivido always likes to introduce first-time customers to their spectacular PUSH UP JEANS collection, but a typical response among them is that they already have plenty of jeans; they don’t need any. This could be a challenge for most denim retailers, but for them, it presents an opportunity to highlight the value of their product. Once a woman tries their brand, she realizes that their jeans are different – that she has been keeping nothing but average, run-of-the-mill jeans in her closet.

Until now, we need jeans that make us feel and look good. That’s what IVIDO does for all sorts of women daily. That’s what the IVIDO push-up jean brand is all about! Ivis González  can attest to the fact that as a Latina, she comes from a culture in which we learn to feel good about our bodies, regardless our size or weight. The idea is to put on the best design available out there to enhance our physiques. That is why the IVIDO brand was conceived: to SHOWCASE the unique harmony and sensuality that every woman’s body possesses, irrespective of their size or weight. At IVIDO they are here to help you incorporate some Latin flavour into your wardrobe. Their 100% Latin inspired collection is made in Colombia and designed by their customers, we just add all what they need in the fabric.

Living in Vancouver, Canada, has given Ivis the opportunity to meet women from many different cultures, and learn when it comes to dressing up, we are all pretty much the same: we want to look good and feel comfortable with our figures. That is what inspired her to share her Latin culture. She believes what her clients take home with them is so much more than just a pair of jeans. Women leave her store with a look of satisfaction on their faces, clearly telling her that her brand is not just a fine cut of denim: IVIDO is something that women have wanted for a long while.

Their mission is to continue listening to you, to further refine their products so as to keep bringing that feeling of satisfaction. At IVIDO, they like to say… “TELL ME SOMETHING!”

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