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Irma Borgsteede is an independent Dutch designer based in the Utrecht area. As an autodidact on fashion design and based on her previous career as a fine artist Irma approaches every piece of clothing as a work of art. Working in limited editions, and/or hand-painting each piece individually she produces her collections locally in Holland.

Through her production label ‘Fair Made in Holland’ she is working on a fair way to stimulate small productions and craftsmanship in the Netherlands, and by doing so offers an alternative to the bad circumstances in the low-wage-countries and mass-production garments.


“After my career as a Rhythmic Gymnast, I tried to find my way in studying Physical Sciences and working as a management assistant… However, to me designing and the creative process is the best way to express myself….”

Irma Borgsteede is proud to announce she will be presenting her SS16 collection in conjunction with Dorrith Design. This collaboration represents a partnership between handpainted designs which fair made in Holland.
“In my designs, I’m always looking for a non-conventional way to give space to a bag by combining form, lines and detailing. I aim to create possibilities from flat to spatial, from2D to 3D.” – Dorrith

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