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Traditional. Avant-guarde. Meticulous. Spontaneous. Organized. Adventurous. These seemingly antagonistic characteristics come together seamlessly in this successful young woman. Born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Montreal, Iman Nakhala embodies a cultural myriad shaped by interests and experiences revolving around a fusion of languages and cultures. Creativity, drive and passion have inspired her throughout her studies and projects and have unfolded themselves in a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages from Concordia University, a degree in Fashion from the Académie des arts et du design, as well as hands-on experience in the fashion industry both as an apprentice and as a bona fide designer. She has launched her very own self-titled fashion line, whose collections have been extremely well received at Ottawa’s Fashion Week. Made up of unique pieces created with an outstanding understanding and knowledge of tailoring, prints and pattern making, Iman Nakhala designs bring to life an unmatched weave of creativity, craftsmanship and curiosity.

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