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Established in 2009, ILOVECHOC is China’s first young street style fashion brand. With a focus on love and youthfulness, their fresh and charming styles have captivated their avid fans and set off a new burst of street style trends in China.  The SWEETCHOC collection is girly and playful while the BLACK CHOC collection is more focused on street style with simple and cool designs. At the moment, they are in over 200 stores across China and it has been a brand of choice for Chinese artists such as Angelababy, Deng Chao, Li Chen, Kai Zheng and Korean artists, Ji-Hyo Song, Kwang-Su Yi, and Jong Kuk Kim. 

ILOVECHOC 2015 Fall/Winter collection theme is “1 DOLLAR”; the “$” is the symbol for the dollar currency and is a representation of international payments and exchanges. Using “1 DOLLAR” as an inspiration, it combines the icon of the “coin” with stylish clothing to express two different ideas.  On one hand, it expresses the new generation of youth and their love and pursuit of fashion. On the other hand, the dollar sign is used to show the irony of how the youth in society have grown to worship money and become impulsive. This season’s design is a combination of standard-defying, abstract new perspectives, while highlighting a trendy attitude.