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Haus Of Rimmy designer, Ramin Jaswal discovered her need to create at a youngage. The passion grew from recreating looks for her dolls as a child, to eventually making clothes for herself in grade school. A small town girl at heart with the love of dressing up, Ramin has always strived to find ways to reinvent an outfit. Ramin’s mantra is always to dress up wherever she may be, heels and a dress are the two pieces she would wear everyday if she could. Majoring in business at post secondary school didn’t deter her first passion, which has always been for fashion. Though she’s not entering the fashion industry in the traditional way, Ramin has been building this dream behind the scenes for 10 plus years.

Pulling inspiration from classic periods in history, marrying it with western styles,while adding a touch of her East Indian heritage. Each piece of Rimmy clothing is made with a classic palette to ensure timeless beauty. Ramin likes to celebrate the woman’s body, wanting to empower a woman through her clothing. Haus of Rimmy is for the woman who aren’t afraid to show up and work her inner bombshell. Whether she be on her way to a first date, girls night, or an office party.

Haus of Rimmy, is committed to creating a timeless look for the everyday bombshell.

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