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Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is a Turkish-born Australian Visual artist, Textile and Organic certified ( GOTS)  haute-couture fashion designer

The Western Australia -based creator has two unique eco-sustainability labels to her name – Atelier Zuhal, an artisan studio specialising in handmade textiles using certified organic alpaca and merino fibres, and Green Embassy, a cutting-edge ‘slow fashion’ clothing label employing earth-friendly, hand-crafted techniques.

Both labels are internationally certified with Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certification.

Both labels also intensely celebrate the spirit of sustainability. They fuse zero-waste production, ‘conscious ethics’ and ancient techniques with luxurious, sumptuous and alluring works designed to be passed down from generation to generation.

Kuvan-Mills began her professional career as a Veterinary Surgeon graduate from Istanbul University in 1986. She then worked as an Animal Science and Conservation lecturer in England until 2004.

2004 she has return to her biggest ambition of Contemporary  Art , she studied at the University of Creative Arts in  Farnham/Surrey –England and in 2010, graduated with a Visual Arts degree from Curtin University in WA with several awards.

Since then, Kuvan-Mills has participated in many group and solo art exhibitions across Australia and Overseas.

Green Embassy’s first Collection ‘’ Regeneration’’ show at Eco -luxe London during the London Fashion week and her great success followed by  Vancouver fashion week,  Seattle Eco Show,  Beijing PLITZS New York Fashion Week, New Zealand  Eco-Fashion Week and World Fashion Week Paris Premire.

More recently, She has appointed as a committee member to World Fashion week organisation as Australian fashion designer, she has been invited to participate in a number of international fashion Shows  eco-fashion events in Canada, the US, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Zuhal Kuvan-Mills  is World Fashion Week Official Haute Couture Representative Designer to Australia, for WFW Paris 2015 Welcoming Ceremony and WFW Paris 2016 Inaugural Trade Expo. She will be speaker at the WFW International Press Conference  at Paris on September 30th, 2014.

Kuvan-Mills lives on a sprawling bush property Swan Valley  Perth with her husband and two daughters.


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