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Florencia Occhiuzzi is a uruguaian designer, 24 years old.She studied design at Escuela Universitaria Centro de Diseño and at Peter Hamers Design School. Her passion for art drove her to venture in different creative areas: fashion, publicity, dance and expression. These are activities that make up this young designer’s life.

Currently directing her own design and decoration brand LA AURORA which specializes in restauring furniture, recicling, art, design and decoration. In the textile industry, she has a vision for men and women living today intensely, seeking harmony and enjoying the simplicity, experiencing and interpreting the essence of every moment.

Her collections are a mixture of sports and elegance, aspects that fuse achieving a unique and innovative style.Her creative process as a designer comes from research on the issue that focuses its collection, collage and sketches. Her inspiration comes from bright colors, shapes, prints among others.
For her next collection, we will see a sports line, looks through a kaleidoscope, roads full of colors, prints, reflections and geometric figures which distinguish this collection
A cromatic-trend in which colors invite you to go back to basics seeking purity, balance and silence, tones that invite you to play, and inspire spontaneity and fresh air.
Designed for men and women that live Today intensely, seek harmony and the enjoyment of simplicity, experiencing and interpreting every moment.
Mandalic: live Today and choose your way.

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