Eria Lamarque

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Brand Profile

Eria Lamarque is an alternative fashion brand with a dramatic, avant garde and feminine spirit. Each piece has a story and a concept behind that makes it special.
The brand was born in 2014, and in spite of being a young brand, its purpose is very clear providing unique designs that never go unnoticed. Playing with structural patterns, strong silhouettes, handmade work, juxtapositions and above all, the essence and personality of her client is reflected in each piece.

Designer Profile

Eria Lamarque is 22 years old, and has finished with honours the career of Design and Fashion Management, in Sonora Mexico.

Eria has had love and passion for design since her childhood. Her ambition led her to participate in some major fashion events in Mexico such as the International Fashion Contest CREARE (two consecutive years) and the Mexican Fashion Show in Barcelona.


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