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Vancouverites; best friends; husband and wife duo  Faiz and Suzy Lalani.

Whether it is the slight details or the unconventional designs, each piece in Encima’s growing collection is created to inspire people to make a statement with the clothing they wear. The idea behind Encima is to create pieces that truly reflect individuality.

One of the most important aspects in starting a new brand was to keep it local to Vancouver. To support the Vancouver economy and local community is a big deal and is what Encima is all about. In doing this, Encima is not only investing back into local markets, but also ensuring garments are made in an ethical manner. And with that, Encima’s garments are proudly labeled Made in Canada.

Faiz’s philosophy and inspiration is that we are all different in the way we look and act, so we should express our true-self in how we dress. Armed with this mentality, and the support from his wife, Encima was created in late 2014.


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