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e l e n a b o b y s h e v a  is a contemporary womenswear label with a high-end focus that is rooted in sustainability and animal welfare. Defined by perfectly executed tailoring, attention to detail, and precision cut dresses, e l e n a b o b y s h e v a  defines the contemporary, feminine silhouette. Inspiration drawn from geometry and structural design, is combined with an emphasis on various textile combinations. The essential components of the label is sophisticated textiles and experimentation of soft and hard geometrical lines.

Launched in 2013, Elena Bobysheva found her name-sake label after graduating from Columbia College, Chicago with a double Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Business Management. Her first collection was picked up by a luxury speciality retailer after debuting at Chicago Fashion Week. During her studies, Elena won numerous design awards including the Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence and the Council of Fashion Designers of America Approved Certificate, which celebrates the most promising emerging fashion design talent in the country.

Applying her own deeply held values to the heart of her business, e l e n a b o b y s h e v a  was found on the principles of sustainability, animal welfare, and traditional dressmaking techniques. Elena Bobysheva does not use fur, leather, or exotic skins in her collection. Each dress is hand-crafted in-house in limited runs on a cut-to-order business model, only making the dresses that are ordered, therefore not over-producing garments, using more resources than needed, or contributing to clothing ending up in landfills.

“We are committed to creating an honest and responsible business that not only considers the future of design, but also the future of the planet and all its’ species.”


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