Viktoria Tisza



Designer Profile

Viktoria Tisza, Budapest based fashion designer launched her brand in 2012, mainly focusing on women’s swimwear. Since then she came out with 4 spring/summer collections, each summer widening the horizons of swimwear, applying exciting fabrics and designing pure forms with some futuristic flavour. The brand has already been featured in British Vogue, Glamour UK and Condé Nast Traveller magazines and in almost all significant Hungarian fashion magazines. She presented her latest collection at Marie Claire Fashion Days in Budapest, Hungary. In 2015 Not Just A Label selected her to its Black Sheep category of innovative designers upon her latest collection. In the same year she designed on-stage bodysuits and dresses for Beyoncé and her dancers for her upcoming World Tour. She created her latest collection applying silicone rubber with a special technique to visualize a utopia of a world with perfect beings who slightly differ from each other. Her S/S 2017 Skin Deep collection builds upon her further experimentations with silicone rubber, this time playing with skin-tones, vivid colours and intense patterns to create spectacular illusions, sometimes forgetting about general beauty standards.

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