Designer Profile

“I want to provoke a question rather than giving an answer.”

Parsons graduate Tamara Sui started New York-based ready-to-wear brand Tinsquare in 2015. Tamara is very aware of her surroundings, and gets inspired by people, culture and community from her encounters. Tinsquare is about relevant and connected, is a response to what is happening out there; is a communication through fashion.

Tamara came from Fine Art background, after pursuing her oil painting and installation art studies in HongKong and Amsterdam for years, she moved to New York and focused on fashion. Whereas in her designs, Tamara always brings visual, space, and dimension outside of body form and creates dynamic moment through unconventional silhouette and texture.

“To remix, is the key concept of LES collection. Remix of gender, identity, perception and culture. LES, as lower east side of Manhattan, where I got inspiration for ss17 season. It is the most liberated yet radical neighborhood in New York, mixture of immigrants, artists, performers and politicians. You could see well suited men with briefcase and tattooed girl in denim romper passing by same art galleries there. It’s all about no boundaries, no categories, and unlimited newness and remix” says Tamara.