Profil photo- Caroline Dodeller - Timeless by Eyllye

Designer Profile

Born in eastern France, Caroline Dodeller is from French-German origins. Since her childhood, she has been interested in fashion and arts, and started studying art in high school. After her bachelor, at 17, she moved to Paris to study Applied Arts and then to Lyon for Fashion Design. 

She later moved to Paris where she started working for several high-end and luxury brands, as designer but also in shops with a close relation with the customers. At same time, she continued to develop her approach as designer for her own projects and her studies in arts where she sought to decompartmentalize the sectors. During this period, she worked on the items “contrasts & balance”, “black & white”, the “relation between body & space” and the way where “the clothes evolute on/with the body and in/with the space”. Her work is positioned between art and fashion, and she is inspired by architecture, design, science and new technology.

Her variety of work experience in different fashion areas has provided her a 360° point of view and a large knowledge-base which goes from design to commercialization. Her approach is a slow-fashion spirit with pure lines, minimalist cuts, and shaping of the body. The concept is that the feminine customer can manage the piece of clothes on her own by wearing it on different ways, thanks to the modular properties. Also Caroline Dodeller developed a well-being line which have an anti-ageing effect on the body by the clothes.

Her work is focused on the skills which clothing can have on the body. The collection sources high quality fabric and is produced in France, in an ethical manner.