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Designer Profile

STUDIO MEMBRANE is a product design studio in Japan, and designs “membrane tissue,” including interiors and clothing, that define a clear relationship between the body and its environment. The aim is to redefine the body as a futuristic construct.

Hiroaki Tanaka, designer, was born in 1985 in Hokkaido, Japan and studied product design at Tama Art University in Tokyo from 2004 to 2008. His works focus on the experience of touching and reaching out to “the other person’s cognition” through product design.

He has defined his designs as being about unlearning our cultural “psychological corset.” This is a metaphor for the social bias of cognition, which often produces a positive and powerful driving force, but on the other hand, also produces prejudice and discrimination.

His main passion be summed up by the question: “What can a universal cognition be?” If people can realize another person’s “corset,” they will be able to rise above the “corset,” or cognitive limitations, by themselves. Therefore, Tanaka aims to give the corset a tangible form to encourage people to consider how we know and think in our rapidly evolving world.


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