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Shar Thanga immigrated to Canada from Sri Lanka when she was a young girl. She was brought up in a culture where art, fabric  and designs play a feature role in life. Shar Thanga is a finance professional with the Hon. Business Finance degree and CPA and though she built a career in business, her passion for the world of fashion and all it entails got her involved in organizing fashion shows and creating unique couture dresses, a hobby she has had since she was young.

About five years ago when she was on maternity leave with her second child, Shar decided to pursue what she loves and became a bridal gown designer as well as founded a company whose goal it is to build up women. Shar Thanga is constantly involved and participates in bridal shows and bridal industry events. She often travels and this had become a basis of inspiration for her as she pulls from the cultures around her to design stunning gowns. Her hard work, business skills and strong work ethics has helped her to build up her brand within a short period of time. Shar has started her own production facility, a store front boutique, and put her foot  into the designers world participating in various fashion shows, fashion week and her own fashion gala collaborating with other designers and industry vendors featuring her collection.










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