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Rickyy Wong, born and based in Hong Kong, graduated from Raffles International College (Hong Kong) in 2014. Wong completed an internship at Ada Zanditon in London in 2013. The designer was also selected to be one of the exhibitors at Brunch Bazaar by YAP HK x Artichoke Canteen and was then nominated to show at The HUB trade show in March 2015 in Hong Kong. His graduate collection was shown at Hong Kong Fashion Week 2015 during the finale catwalk show. The collection, a contemporary men’s and womenswear capsule collection, was inspired by the fourth painting (The Love Letter) in the series of paintings ‘The Progress of Love’, painted in 1770 by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. The art explores the notion of eternity, illustrated through the eyes of lovers reminiscing on their courtship. The collection was made through menswear cutting, with the intention for distinct looks to later be reinterpreted to become women’s pieces while maintaining an androgynous mood.

Wong’s first menswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2016 was completed under his eponymous label: Rickyy Wong. The contemporary menswear collection ‘Sois Fort’ has taken its inspiration from the film “Drawing Restraint 9” by Matthew Barney. The film explores the notion of an unconventional love set in Japan. The story is played out across several sceneries, including the Shinto religion, the tea ceremony and the history of whaling; the process of blubber supplantation to gain refined petroleum for oil.

The collection focuses on the use of fabrication textures as the representation of different cultures. Materials include Lana Wool, Angora, Astrakhan, Silk Chiffon, Tweed and Neoprene. The neoprenes are printed with abstracted oil slick imagery combined with Hyacinth motifs, an allusion to jealousy in love. The primary colours of the collection are black and grey; their solidity stands as the representation of one’s strength and confidence. The cuts and details within the collection are clean and sleek. Pieces are viable and contemporary. The prints and visceral textures lend the collection a quasi-ecclesiastical voice that is distinctly dark, while pious. The dark edge aesthetic is further cultivated with the pairings of eroded copper face jewellery and oversized millinery.

As for future aspirations, Rickyy Wong is eager to work at one of the international contemporary design houses, and to further develop his label.









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