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Designer Profile

Relentless Lifestyle was established by Kevin Khungay and Sunny Basran. Kevin is a graduate from BCIT majoring in Graphic Design and Sunny is a graduate from TRU majoring in Arts. From an early age our mothers would show us how to sew with Indian garments and we would create our own unique pieces. From that moment on we both have always felt the need to be different and stand out not just in the way we dress but also in the way we think and see the world. Relentless has been our platform to create our vision with the purpose to inspire people. R.L brings a new light to streetwear garments, by using traditional Indian silhouettes and injecting them into modern day street wear, to create new exotic ensembles. Our passion for personal style goes beyond the clothing, it portrays our story and message. We want people to believe in themselves and understand the importance of going after your dreams. Visionaries are always considered outsiders and we embrace being different and encourage others to do so to. When you put on a Relentless piece we want you to feel just that Relentless.

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