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Moon Choi is a New York-based designer who admires androgynous fashion. Originally from South Korea, Moon studied graphic and product design, before coming to Parsons in 2013.

Choi believes that clothing is not defined by gender. Choi has used her craft to break down the barriers between male and female, representing how individual can adopt any identity they choose, giving them power over their own lifestyle.

Moon Choi believes that fashion can express who we are and her goal is to create designs that can affect one’s identity and behavior. Influenced from her origins, Choi considers her skills as a tailor as central to her design methodology. With her collection, she wants to suggest ways to change and improve one’s lifestyles. Choi says, “Origins are an important part of life that can affect one’s personality. My background defines who I am as a designer and influences my process”.

Moon Choi is a young designer with positive potential and passion who wants to share own creativity by collaborating and communicating with other people. Choi believes that young creative designers can bring fresh perspectives and ideas that can create new culture and a better lifestyle.





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