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Southern California Designer, Melynda Valera, loves to live in the moment and sees that the beauty of life hides in the details.

Valera began her creative career as a teenage artist who focused on Street-Art and T-shirt designs. Having attended school in Los Angeles County, she had the opportunity to pursue her love of art and design through ATA, a program that honed in on fashion and graphic design. Valera’s grandmother being an avid seamstress shared a wealth of information on techniques and textiles, giving Valera the foundation for a thriving career.

With an education from The Art Institute of California, Valera’s work has been in everything from theater and dance shows to her own collection being shown in various artist showcases.

Valera is very inspired by classic hip-hop culture, and strives to give her work a clean, rhythmic vibe. She aims to show the strength of a woman, while enhancing femininity in her work. She wants to make her mark in the fashion industry by proving women to be powerful beings, not just beautiful creatures.

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