Designer Profile

Macdie Moulin-Vézina is a 27 years old fashion designer from Quebec City. At 14 years old, she learned to sew, while at the age of  15, the young lady learned to play bass guitar. The mix of these two passions brought her to make clothes for people in her band and around. When she figured that people loved her creations, she decided to go study in Fashion Design at Campus Notre Dame de Foy. While studying she started to tattoo and it helped her to create the personality of her brand, with an underground style and one of a kind. After her studies, she took modeling lessons, and worked a lot with photographers and her creations to build her own portfolio.


The brand Macdie is made of clothes and accessories for men and women between the age of 25-35, who have a creative personality and stylish taste. This collection is made of  comfortable fabrics to wear and easy to take care of. The lines, cuts and details are distinguished and subtled. The colors chosen in the collection are sober to adapt clothes more easily to our lifestyle.