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‘Creation of Imperfection’ is the concept of Lima Jordan’s design signature. Born and raised in Germany, she grew up surrounded by art and music. From a young age she found shelter by escaping into her arty bubble, where she expressed herself through drawing. Lima participated in different drawing competitions. Her talent for design was then developed in the UK where she graduated with a fashion design degree in London.

With the quest for primitive multifunction, looking into protective and genderless qualities she explores the reinterpretation of clothing’s origin. With the focus on self-expression, finding identity and social acceptance, her designs are made in the form of provocative anti-fashion. Thinking away from a disposable society and challenging the accepted norms; Lima Jordan transforms Sustainability, Simplicity and Practicality into raw avant-garde fashion. Inspired by nomadic tribal lifestyles, a controversial combination of rich natural tones, asymmetrical cuts, masculine elements and oversized layers are linked by stark black. This trademarks her work and reflects the absorption of color and anonymity. With the idea to neutralise emotions and to seek beauty in imperfection, her mission is to create individual and unisex styles. This aims to attract the spirit of the outside soul that yearns beyond the mainstream. For her, fashion is a form to communicate respect to each other and our environment.

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