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For the 14th consecutive season, LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) will be presenting 5 student collections on the runway of Vancouver Fashion Week. These five talented student designers, originally from Canada, Ghana, China and South Korea, explore from within themselves and their inner intuition. They seek their inspiration from various different elements and forms in daily life, from withered flowers, sun rays to architecture. Their fabric choices range from handmade crochet and lace, chiffon, psychedelic art print on double knit, luxurious sequin, dupioni silk to metallic vinyl.



hannah-vanderveen-vfwName: Hannah Vanderveen

Originally from: Canada

Hannah Vanderveen recently moved to Vancouver to pursue her interest in fashion design at LaSalle College Vancouver. Originally from Manitoba, she has lived the past few years in Calgary teaching high school math and science. Her recent career change is the result of her need to be challenged and love for adventure and learning.

This collection is inspired by a warm summer evening by the lake, colors of the sunset over the gentle waves and ripples of the water.


Name: Erica NanaAmerica-nanaama-fouillard-vfwa Fouillard

Originally from: Ghana

After graduating from university with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Marketing), Erica worked in the fashion and hospitality industry in Ghana. She came to Vancouver in 2015 to pursue her passion in fashion design at LaSalle College Vancouver.

Soft Power” was inspired by sun beams creating silhouettes that combine both warm and soft elements. The fabrics mimic the strong and forceful nature of the sun.

zory-sun-vfwName: Zory Sun

Originally from: China

Short Bio: Zory studied visual arts and sculpture in China prior to pursuing her fashion design dream. Combining the skills and knowledge she learned from both sculpture and fashion, Zory creates garments with unique shapes and structure.

This collection is inspired by Psychedelic Art. This collection incorporates a lot of prints to depict the inner world of the psyche. You can also see this collection as a visual display of mind manifesting in Fashion.

zi-xia-zee-vfwName: Zi Xia “Zee”

Originally from: China

Before beginning her journey in fashion design, she studied at UOIT in Social Policy. While in Toronto, she performed frequently as a singer in the Chinese Community, as well as taking part in a collaborative album “My Ears Only Hear Fine Sounds.” In China, Zee also runs a business selling Buddhist fine art, boutique fashion and home furnishings.

This collection is inspired by the clean lines found in Zen architecture and the silhouettes from the Tibetan Buddhist robe “Kasaya”. The garments are designed to evoke calmness with a hint of modern class. Various materials are used to mirror Zen architecture and minimalism including cork, layers of translucent vinyl and metallic fabrics.

mona-zhao-vfwName: Mona Zhao

Originally from: China

Mona studied fine arts in China before arriving at LaSalle College Vancouver to study fashion design. She would like to use her experiences in life as her muse to create garments as she enters the industry.

This collection is a play on two contrary inspirations; the beauty of imperfection and the idea that sometimes things are perfect the way they are. All flowers on the garments are handmade and sewn on somewhat unfinished. This creates a contrast against the elegant fabrics and fitted silhouettes.



LaSalle College prides itself on small class size, hands-on delivery, and excellent industry-experienced instructors. The goal of LCV is to provide excellence in knowledge building and skill development, assist our students in achieving their career goals. Participation in Vancouver Fashion Week is just one of the many opportunities we provide to help our students connect with the industry and have a taste of the spotlight and achievement!

We look forward to seeing you at Vancouver Fashion Week!







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