Katherin Olivos


Designer Profile

Katherin Olivos is here to break the rules of fashion.

The aim of her new collection, “Elegant Woman” is to change the idea of fashion, destroy the stereotypes and give power to woman. She wants to show that is not the shape, the volume or the age of the woman that matters, that despite what media has shown a woman is always elegant and beautiful. She uses color and patterns to make every woman in Chile feel free and confident in her own body. Pioneer in her country, KO is the only brand that has a Plus Size Couture collection, the only brand that claims to bring the real body into fashion.

Since she was a kid she is passionate about design, Katherin studied to be a model, theatre and she taught herself into the world of tv production. She dedicated all her life to the world of communication, but later on she realized that fashion was her true passion.
Five years ago KO was born as a pet clothing company, and in 2016 the first Plus Size collection was presented, since then it has been seen in tv programs and has become one of the most populars brands Chile. Katherin Olivos is a 41 year old proud woman showing that the age is not an obstacle and that dreams and goals can be achieved when we believe in it.



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