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Kat Made Jewelry is for every babe who loves something out of the ordinary, catchy to the eye and rocking with confidence.  It’s for those who love unique, always-on-trend jewelry that is affordable, fashionable and versatile to your own unique style.  

As owner and designer, I gain inspiration from the fashion trends hitting the streets and runways and what I think my customers will love to wear. I work to create pieces that are easily worn from day to night and bring an outfit together in a unique way. I am currently working on my men’s and women’s collection which includes the fashion trends of suede fringe, multi-style chokers, layered geometric shapes and different crystals.

I started making jewelry as a hobby for myself and then as gifts for friends and family. Whenever I wore my jewelry out I would always get compliments and asked where I got them from. After thinking of it only as a passion I decided to try it full-time and see where it could take me. It’s been an amazing experience seeing my brand grow and watch my passion flourish into a business has been such a surreal experience.  My goal is to create simple but unique pieces that my customers can throw on with any outfit and complete their overall look to give them confidence in what they wear.  It is one of the best feeling when my customers tell me how unique my pieces are and how many compliments they get when they wear my jewelry.





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