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Fashion designer and architect in Venezuela, has dedicated her entire life to discover and explore art in general: architecture, design, graphics, painting, and fashion. A strong personality that shows off in any artistic expression by her critic vision of society. Her  passion for the unknown and her lack of understanding for the existing masks that surround the fashion world have drove her to study it, to know it better and finally become a part of it.

She has chosen Rome as the starting point for the beginning of her educational and professional journey in the fashion world.  She falls in love with the Italian tailored technique of developing projects and the making of haute couture, trying to mix it with her artistic flame. The results are the birth of a new brand!

Brand Profile

Jennifer Somoza was created as the alter ego of an artist, that wild artist that everyone has inside, the artist that wakes up very early in the morning to paint the walls with a throw of a bucket or the one who sketches in a notebook all the ideas that came up after a weird dream, that artist who is full of anger, full of love, full of doubts or happiness. Put it all together in a balloon that with the lightly touch of a pin breaks out!

This is the brand “Jennifer Somoza”, all she is capable of doing. Everything, creativity explosion and nothing matters, just create!


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