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Illusions Lab

Designer: Jeanne Mesecha

It’s hard to believe that before art has turned into Jeanne’s profession and then into a lifestyle, she had 15 years career as a financial analyst. For all these years while art was her passion and hobby, Jeanne has been practicing many forms of art as painting and stain glasses.

Learning and exploring the felting techniques for last several years gave Jeanne an idea of implementing art approaches in apparel and accessories line. The concept of creating luxury wearable art collections is rooted in the idea that everything we wear can be unique as our personality. The idea that fashion reflects our individuality as a foundation and essential element of dedication to the art of everyday life, lies behind a creation of Illusions Lab brand.










Jenifer Reeves Design

Designer: Jennifer Reeves

Jennifer Reeves is a Salt Lake City based gemstone jewelry designer who is brilliant at blending exquisite stones in bold hues with superbly crafted designs. Jennifer’s first artistic love of flower design came to fruition in her native country of Australia where she gained inspiration by collecting organic creations from the earth and arranging natural elements in order to transcend her original aesthetic.

Boulder Opals, known as Australia’s national gemstones are featured prominently in her collection. Along with freshwater pearls, crystals and other rare gemstones hand selected from around the world.

The ‘Artistry Meets Sophistication’ collection captures Jennifer’s passion for creating, embodies her love of life manifested through her journey, career and transcends into an exquisite jewelry collection.




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