Designer Profile

I have always been inspired by the world’s authenticity. My design and making hope to reflect this same spirit; every design element is carefully considered and close attention is paid to fine construction, materials and expression.

IAROCHESKI is a menswear label based in Brazil. Since Lui’s graduation in 2014 he started the label along the A OCA Group and had shown in Vienna, Vancouver and Sao Paulo.

Each collection is designed in-house by our small team of makers who are pedantic about fit and finish. We do not outsource or mass produce. Our limited collections consist of what we believe to be the core of our creativity and experimentation with color, shape and material. Our focus is on quality and experimental design translated into pieces that you can build your wardrobe around. We are committed to producing products that are unique, made from quality materials, designed with great care and presented in simple and inspiring ways.

This is a story sewn by honest hands speaking to a better way of living. We hope that your IAROCHESKI piece finds a treasured place in your wardrobe. Find out more at www.iarocheski.com

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