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Designer Profile

Coming from an extensive musical background in piano and attending opera and Broadway productions inspired a love for costume design and film studies.  Ashley entered her post-secondary studies having received KPU’s Leaders of Tomorrow President’s Entrance Scholarship and her A.R.C.T. in piano performance. Ashley’s curiosity and determination for personal excellence led her to be selected as a finalist for Telio’s 2015 national competition.  During a semester abroad in Berlin, Germany at HTW Ashley developed cultural sensitivity and a global mind-set to direct her.  Ashley is currently working in the lingerie design industry while continuing to research and developed her lingerie collection Ginger & Flora Intimates.

Line Description:

Ginger & Flora designs lingerie exclusively for sizes 28DD-34GG that is delicate, luxurious, and beautifully crafted.  Our name speaks to the two personalities in every woman; Ginger is playful and foxy where Flora conveys femininity and romanticism.   With the focus on exceptional fit and comfort when constructing garments, the combination of function and fashion is essential to our brand. Each stitch and seam has a purpose to create silhouettes that compliment and enhance the body.  Nostalgic hand embroidered details contrast digitally printed textiles on silhouettes reminiscent of decades past for our F/W’17 collection Heirloom.

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